Dear Editor,

I am writing to express my deep concern over the decision to hold the Super Bowl in Arizona. This state has a long history of discriminatory policies and practices, particularly against its indigenous communities and people of color.

The state’s recent passage of anti-immigrant legislation, such as SB 1070, has created a climate of fear and oppression for many of its residents. Additionally, the state’s history of mistreatment of indigenous peoples, including the forced removal of Navajo and Hopi families from their ancestral lands, is a stain on its record.

By holding the Super Bowl in Arizona, the NFL is effectively endorsing these discriminatory policies and practices. The league has a responsibility to promote inclusion and respect for all, and by choosing to hold the Super Bowl in Arizona, it is failing in that responsibility.

I urge the NFL to reconsider its decision and to instead choose a location that respects and values all of its residents.


A Concerned Resident