Monsoon Season 2023: What You Need to Know

The monsoon season is a time of year when Arizona experiences heavy rains and thunderstorms. The monsoon season typically runs from June to September, but it can start as early as May or October. The monsoon season is caused by the arrival of the
Salt River Tubing is Back!

Salt River Tubing is Back!

Exciting news for those in the Valley! Salt River Tubing is back and better than ever with new changes for the 2023 season. The company now has a new owner, William Jinks, who has added an online reservation system and an easier pick-up process

How to Protect Your Children from Coyote Attacks

Recent events here in Scottsdale highlight the danger of coyote attacks on children. The Arizona Game and Fish Department has launched a search for a coyote that only days ago injured two toddlers. The incident has raised concerns among parents about the safety of

Fran Lebowitz  Apr 7 at 8 p.m.

In a cultural landscape filled with endless pundits and talking heads, Fran Lebowitz stands out as one of our most insightful social commentators. Her essays and interviews offer her acerbic views on current events and the media—as well as pet peeves, including tourists, baggage-claim

Scottsdale Restaurants: From the Loudest to the Quietest

In recent years, it has become increasingly common for restaurants and coffee shops to play loud music or have a high noise level. While some may enjoy the lively atmosphere, it is important to recognize the dangers of noise-induced hearing loss and the benefits