What do Tom’s Thumb Trailhead, The Phoenician and World’s Finest Golf have in common?

Besides being well-known landmarks in Scottsdale, they will now also be immortalized in the new Scottsdale Edition of the popular board game Monopoly that goes on sale Tuesday.

The game’s board has been altered to pay homage to well-known Scottsdale sights and scenes. The game’s Atlantic City squares (from Boardwalk to Park Place) have been replaced with Scottsdale cultural sites, historic landmarks, and iconic businesses. Customized Community Chest and Chance playing cards as well as the play money used in the game also include images or themes that match up with what the game makers say is the “The West’s Most Western Town.”

Top Trumps USA Inc., the Rhode Island-based U.S. division of Winning Moves International, handles the creation of the regional and city versions of Monopoly. Top Trumps is a licensing partner of Hasbro Inc., which owns Parker Brothers, the maker of Monopoly.