Scottsdale’s Month in Hell: 31 Days over 110 degrees

Arizona, known for its sweltering summers, is currently enduring a record-breaking heatwave, leaving the city and its residents reeling from the oppressive temperatures. For 31 consecutive days, from the last day of June to the second-to-last day of July, the mercury has soared to

Arizona’s Bizarre Obsession with Huge Trucks

In the vast and diverse landscape of Arizona, there exists a peculiar phenomenon that has captivated both locals and visitors alike. It is an obsession that can be witnessed on the highways, in parking lots, and at various events across the state. This obsession,

One almond consumes 3.2 gallons of precious water

The city of Scottsdale cut off water to the area to conserve it for its own residents, leaving families with a severe shortage of water. In response, some families are rationing their water usage, with some flushing toilets only once a day and showers

Studios will use AI to Replace Striking TV Writers.

Hollywood’s first strike in 15 years was announced by the Writers Guild of America (WGA), after weeks of negotiations with major entertainment firms such as Netflix, Amazon, Apple, and Disney, who form the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP). The strike happened
Arizona revokes water permits for Saudi Arabia-owned alfalfa farm

Arizona revokes water permits for Saudi Arabia-owned alfalfa farm

Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes announced that drill permits for a Saudi Arabia-owned alfalfa farm in La Paz County have been revoked. Two deep-water wells were approved for Fondomonte Arizona LLC eight months ago, which Mayes called “unconscionable” given the state’s need to preserve

Bianca Lochner CIO, Scottsdale

Congratulations to Scottsdale Chief Information Officer Bianca Lochner recently named one of the Top 25 Doers, Dreamers & Drivers by Government Technology magazine Bianca Lochner has been the CIO of Scottsdale, Ariz., for just over a year and a half, but you might assume
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