One almond consumes 3.2 gallons of precious water

The city of Scottsdale cut off water to the area to conserve it for its own residents, leaving families with a severe shortage of water. In response, some families are rationing their water usage, with some flushing toilets only once a day and showers
Arizona revokes water permits for Saudi Arabia-owned alfalfa farm

Arizona revokes water permits for Saudi Arabia-owned alfalfa farm

Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes announced that drill permits for a Saudi Arabia-owned alfalfa farm in La Paz County have been revoked. Two deep-water wells were approved for Fondomonte Arizona LLC eight months ago, which Mayes called “unconscionable” given the state’s need to preserve

SRP warns some flooding is a possibility

Winter in Arizona has brought much-needed relief to the state’s waterways in the form of rainfall and snowfall. The Salt River Project (SRP), which manages the water supply for the Phoenix metropolitan area, has reported that it has been the best winter for Arizona’s

Butterflies are back March 4!

Bring the entire family to see thousands of butterflies native to the Southwest up close! The Spring Butterfly Exhibit is included with general admission. Open daily from 9:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. More Info

What to do if you encounter a wild animal

Learning how to coexist with the urban wildlife all around us is an important part of living in the Valley. Human-wildlife conflicts can be direct or indirect, but are almost always related to available food sources. Wild animals are simply reacting to the opportunity